The beaches and scenery of Islay and Jura are simply breathtaking. From Islay's aptly-named 'Big Strand' to more out-of-the-way stretches like Ardnave and Killinallan, it's worth working your way around as many of them as possible. Machir bay, next to Kilchoman distillery, is one of the most easily combined with a whisky-related visit, and they even run tastings on the beach if weather allows!

Jura's west coast is also full of some of the world's most stunning beaches, although these are very difficult to access due to the lack of roads - this is best done with a guide or as part of an organised tour, which we can help you arrange.

Jura is considerably less densely-populated and visited than Islay, and with just one road on the eastern side of the island, much of the island is wild and difficult to reach. This makes for incredible diversity of wildlife, with deer, birds of prey and

Islay, too, is known for its abundant wildlife, in particular birdlife. The RSPB reserves at Loch Gruinart and The Oa are well worth visiting.

Marine life in the vicinity of both islands makes a boat trip worthwhile - sea eagles, seals, whales and dolphins can regularly be seen, particularly in the summer months.