Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many places in Scotland have modified opening hours or reduced services. Some very few places are also closed. If you're travelling with us, we'll keep you up to date with the most recent information - and even if you're not travelling with us, we're always happy to give advice so you can enjoy your Scottish holiday to the full.

As part of your bespoke Scottish itinerary, we can arrange a private chauffeur for you.

Those who prefer to enjoy the views rather than concentrating on the driving will love the stress-free, relaxing experience of being driven by a knowledgeable and friendly private chauffeur.

Whether you just need a transfer from the airport into the city, whether you need to get between locations on a twin cities or city and country itinerary, or whether your luxury road-trip itinerary covers a much larger part of Scotland requiring transport every day, we can book a private chauffeur to suit your requirements.

We are proud to work with Little's, whose Touring Chauffeurs are professional, engaging and share our effusive love of Scotland and our commitment to providing a tailored experience to suite our clients' specific needs and preferences.

Stress-free experience


From the moment you set foot on Scottish soil, and even beforehand if you're coming from elsewhere in the UK, your chauffeur will take care of your journey, leaving you to relax and enjoy the views and experiences. There's so much to see as you make your way through Scotland, so keep your hands free and your mind clear to make the most of it!

You'll be met at a convenient location and simply sit back and take in the scenery. Touring Chauffeurs are very knowledegable and passionate about Scotland, so they'll make sure you don't miss anything along the way and tell you all you want to know about the area and attractions you choose to visit.

Your chauffeur will get you to your accommodation in safety and comfort each day, and they'll be back to meet you the next day to continue your journey.

On your schedule


Your private chauffeur is available just for you for the duration of your trip, so whatever you want to do and see, and whenever works for you, they will take pride in making it happen.

If you want to plan everything down to the minute, that's completely fine. If you'd prefer to take a more relaxed approach, 'go with the flow' and see what you feel like doing on the day, that's OK too.

If the unexpected happens, if there's something off the beaten track that you desperately want to see, or if you simply feel like taking a slightly different route to your accommodation, just let your chauffeur know and they'll do their very best to make it happen.

Great for distillery tours


Please enjoy responsibly.

Scotland has some incredible whisky and gin distilleries, and enthusiasts can craft entire itineraries to tour these places and sample their produce. Of course, there's likely to be the inevitable discussion (and if you're like us, a bit of an argument!) about who will drive afterwards. A private chauffer solves this debate for you once and for all - everyone in your group can enjoy themselves without worrying about the ride home. This is just one of many reasons why a private chauffeur can add a huge amount to your luxury Scottish holiday.

Get to hard-to-reach places in comfort


Some of the most incredible places in Scotland aren't exactly easy to reach - in fact, it's part of their charm! If you want to get off the beaten track but don't fancy a driving challenge, a private chauffeur with knowledge and experience of local roads is the perfect solution.

You can save your energy for the most important elements of your trip, and your chauffeur will get you to even the most elusive of Scottish road-trip destinations in comfort and safety.