Accommodation Options

Our job is to make sure your holiday runs smoothly and is as stress-free as possible, so you can just enjoy all that Scotland has to offer.

With an itinerary from The Tartan Road, you'll always know where you're driving to each day, how far, roughly how long it should take you, and you'll have our recommendations for a range of unmissable things to see and do along the way. You get to explore at your own pace and do things your way, which is a wonderful way to discover Scotland.

Of course, part of a stress-free holiday experience is knowing that you'll have somewhere wonderful to unwind and get some sleep at the end of each day. That's where our accommodation options come in.

All of our tours are completely bespoke - we build them to suit your specific needs, so if there's something you'd especially love, let us know and we'll do everything we can to make it happen. Our accommodation options fall into one of the broad categories below, so it's useful for you to have an idea of what to expect with each. Let us know your preference and we'll get started!

You can rest assured that ALL of our recommended accommodation options have:

  • Been personally checked out by us
  • Stood out from the crowd in terms of quality and service
  • Been priced so that you'll get good value for your money in all price ranges
  • Ensuite or private bathroom facilities
  • A warm welcome
  • Breakfast available
  • A generous check-in window to give you maximum flexibility
  • Enough space in your room for you and your luggage
  • Incredible and convenient locations along your route

For consistency, we use the Visit Scotland grading system to categorise our accommodation. All Visit Scotland graded accommodation meets certain minimum standards of cleanliness, hospitality and facilities, and all establishments that we partner with are well in excess of these standards.

Below are the options you can choose from in more detail. You can select a single accommodation category for your whole trip, or you can ask for a mix of one or more accommodation types. Remember, all of our tours are bespoke, so just let us know what you would love!



Our Standard accommodation is really anything but standard!

One of the things we love about Scotland is the enormous variety and special personality of the accommodation on offer. That said, it can be daunting to be confronted with so much choice and variability.

Our Standard accommodation gives you comfort and peace of mind that your stay will be comfortable and you'll have absolutely everything you need. This category includes 4* Guest Houses, B&Bs or Inns, and 3* Hotels.


Kingshouse Hotel

If you're looking for something a bit more special, our Superior accommodation might be for you. A cut above the Standard grade, this category includes 5* B&Bs, Guest Houses or Inns, and 4* Hotels.



For those looking to experience Scotland in luxury, there are plenty of wonderful options to choose from.

Our Luxury accommodation category includes only the best - 5* Hotels or exceptional 5* Guest Houses, with the latter principally used in special or very remote locations where no hotels of an equivalent grade are available.



If you're looking for somewhere truly unique and special, you might consider staying at one of our Exceptional accommodation options. Perhaps you've chosen Scotland for your honeymoon, or you have another reason for wanting that once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience.

The Exceptional category is harder to define than the others, because it's not always easy to pinpoint exactly what makes accommodation meet this definition until you find it - but trust us - when you know, you know!

All establishments in this category are at the very top end of the Visit Scotland grading system (they meet the criteria for our Luxury category), but they also have an extra 'wow factor'. This might be an incredible building (eg a castle), a truly out-of-this world location, a particularly wonderful story to tell, or perhaps standing out from the pack and going above and beyond on quality or service.

Let us know if you'd like accommodation in this category, and let us blow you away with some truly incredible options!